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Month: July 2017

D-I-Y: How to Love Yourself

Growing up, people would allude to self-love all the time. They used to make it seem like they had struck gold. They would go on and on about the benefits of self-love. How self-love made them okay with their weight or helped them become a better lover to their partner. Oh, It sounded good. Good. Long story short, I failed at loving myself for a long time, mostly because I didn’t know how. It wasn’t that I hated myself; I was just waiting for the love to begin. I had to learn that loving is a series of verbs....

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Dixie Mafia: What’s Really Going On

The Dixie Mafia is said to have been founded by Mike Gillich in the 1960’s in Biloxi Mississippi. The mafia had a reputation existing in most southern states like Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Unlike traditional mafias, the members of the Dixie Mafia were not necessarily related by blood. Some assume the group was loosely connected from diverse backgrounds bound by the idea of controlling illegal money making operations. Digging a little deeper it was is easy to see that the Dixie Mafia was much more than a petty gang...

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Three Things Killing More Black People Than Racist White People

Police brutality in this country is an issue, and I stand in complete solidarity with people who believe that it is time to reform police policies and procedures. This article in no way sets out to trivialize the lives or the pain inflicted by racist law enforcement officers or those inflicting pain in the name of white supremacy. However, sometimes it is good to look at the forest and not just one individual tree. I feel like a lot of our black activists need a wake up call. The goal of the black activist should be to campaign for...

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Why Some Believe the Homewood Police Department Could Have Killed Kindra

Have you heard about Kindra Chapman?  She was a young black woman found dead in her jail cell an hour and a half after being arrested. Some people believe that she was murdered, and some others believe she may have actually hung herself. Her mom and aunt believe it was foul play. Until the investigation is complete and the information is released to the pubic, we are all just speculating. When I heard the story, I didn’t know it happened near my hometown Birmingham; in Homewood, Alabama. I was still processing Sandra Bland’s story. Both of these incidents are...

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Religion In Our Community


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