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Author: AishaAdams

Yoni Care: My Switch To The Blossom Cup

The universe wanted me to try my Blossom Cup  (A Menstrual Cup). I wanted to try it too, but I had some apprehensions. Even though I had read a lot of cool things about the cup, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sticking it up to my yoni. What if it got stuck up there? I worried things would get bloody. What if it spilled, or even worse, what if people could smell the blood? Although it seemed like a good idea to try it, these things freaked me out. That is probably why the universe, in total...

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Please Do Not Put Harriet’s Face On The $20.00 bill

I know that a lot of you are excited that they are considering putting Harriet Tubman on the $20.00 bill. Many of you feel like this is a great honor, and I understand your viewpoint. I just feel differently. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I am appalled at the idea and that this is a slap in the face to black women everywhere. We are not so simple-minded. Araminta Harriet Ross is our ancestor, and we know better. Nice try, but Harriet Tubman’s face on a dub is not honor. Harriet Tubman escaped...

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hey say to understand a man you must walk a mile in his shoes

(A Fiction Poem) I slip into the bedroom tie you up, tape your mouth shut, turn off the TV. Convince myself, there is no grip to get. Make you listen to old poems by me, recorded in makeshift sound booths, by way of other men’s basements, using garage band. Poems are my favorite platforms I say. You try to mumble over the tape, what? I can’t understand you, I laugh. Slide my feet into your Sunday shoes, this will put an end to that though, I explain. Slam the door behind me. Your shoes are loyal, don’t make a sound on flat surfaces. Won’t even flop off my feet properly.                                          Pink-slipped, foreclosed, and repossessed, we are all that is left. I need to comprehend. Didn’t give you the glass, I stuck my finger in, to pull bits of the cork out. We have to be. These are the soles I watch you carry to the altar. I can’t stand the silent treatment. Heading home, I have decided, we will catch a fire, shake loose our skin, and since you are still tied up you have no choice in the matter. Gently pulling the tape from over your mouth, we sit face to face. You say, You are still mourning Bea Arthur. I say, Your shoes are your shoes.   I wrote this after I...

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Man steals a chunk of Africa to make daughter a ‘princess’

Have you ever heard of Jeremiah Heaton? He is the King of the Kingdom of North Sudan. Jeremiah Heaton went to east Africa and stole 800 square miles of land between Egypt and Sudan by planting a flag his kids had designed on the back of a place mat in a restaurant. On the way back home he and his wife made their daughter a tiara and asked friends and family to only refer to her as Princess. Because Emily wanted to be a princess, Egyptian authorities approved of his trip and the desert-dwelling Bedouin tribe, who have been...

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