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Author: AishaAdams

Mississippi: Jonathan Sanders Killed Similarly to Eric Gardner

Jonathan Sanders (39) was a horse trainer. Due to the 95 degree weather, he liked to exercise his horses at night. A little before 10:00 pm on July 8th, 2015, he was seen chatting with a friend of his who happened to be white. After they dispersed, Officer Kevin Herrington pulled over the friend at one of the town’s two gas stations. As Jonathan Sanders passed the scene, he yelled out, “Why don’t you leave that man alone?” as he continued to ride his horse. Sanders had no current warrants but was no stranger to law enforcement. He was currently out on bond on a cocaine possession charge from an April arrest. He also had already been convicted on charges of selling cocaine in 2013. Sanders’ arrest record shows other infractions as well. There are things like disturbance of the peace, sale of a counterfeit substance, domestic violence, and traffic violations. Sanders also had an outstanding civil suit against the police department for harassment. A few minutes later, Officer Herrington caught up with Sanders. Three witnesses watched from a house less than 20 feet away. According to those witness accounts and the Sanders Family lawyers, the flickering of the lights scared the horse and caused it to throw Sanders off. As Sanders stood up and tried to regain control over his horse Officer Herrington (a part-time officer) used the strap...

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Alabama: How They Used a No Knock Warrant to Hem Up Janice Green

Janice Green was a wife, mother, and community organizer in Perry County, Alabama. Right now she is an inmate sentenced to 37 years in Prison. This narrative is an attempt to explain the story as it was collected from a variety of sources, such as witness interviews, family interviews, released statements, legal sources, and good old fashioned research. As I understand it, here is how they hemmed up Janice Green. In March 2013, there was a family dispute between Janice Green and her cousin Christopher Cannon. Janice was not pleased with his alleged illegal activities, and Christopher was not...

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Yoni Care: My Switch To The Blossom Cup

The universe wanted me to try my Blossom Cup  (A Menstrual Cup). I wanted to try it too, but I had some apprehensions. Even though I had read a lot of cool things about the cup, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sticking it up to my yoni. What if it got stuck up there? I worried things would get bloody. What if it spilled, or even worse, what if people could smell the blood? Although it seemed like a good idea to try it, these things freaked me out. That is probably why the universe, in total...

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Please Do Not Put Harriet’s Face On The $20.00 bill

I know that a lot of you are excited that they are considering putting Harriet Tubman on the $20.00 bill. Many of you feel like this is a great honor, and I understand your viewpoint. I just feel differently. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I am appalled at the idea and that this is a slap in the face to black women everywhere. We are not so simple-minded. Araminta Harriet Ross is our ancestor, and we know better. Nice try, but Harriet Tubman’s face on a dub is not honor. Harriet Tubman escaped...

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Man steals a chunk of Africa to make daughter a ‘princess’

Have you ever heard of Jeremiah Heaton? He is the King of the Kingdom of North Sudan. Jeremiah Heaton went to east Africa and stole 800 square miles of land between Egypt and Sudan by planting a flag his kids had designed on the back of a place mat in a restaurant. On the way back home he and his wife made their daughter a tiara and asked friends and family to only refer to her as Princess. Because Emily wanted to be a princess, Egyptian authorities approved of his trip and the desert-dwelling Bedouin tribe, who have been...

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