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Category: Justice or Nah

Mercutio Southall: Black Lives Matter

This case is special to me because it actually involves a friend of mine. Mercutio Southall is a highly recognized activist. He supported the Black Lives Matter Birmingham movement, but you might remember him as the activist that was roughed up at the 2015 presidential rally held in the city.

When Mercutio was arrested, he received a lot of support on social media. Today, we’re going to hear his side of the story and we’ll decide together if justice was served or nah.

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Gun Charges: Selena Ford

Selena Ford’s mom’s case was the first case to keep me up at night. I’ve been helping her share her mom’s story ever since, and during that time we’ve developed a rapport. One morning she called me to talk about her mom, and I asked her if she’d tell me her story. We talked for about 2 months

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Equity Over Everything

Image of Aisha working with clients. Equity Over Everything logo. Text: "Equity Audits & Consulting. Equity is more than a mindset. It is Policy, Practice, and Procedural Change."

The Asheville View

Image contains the Asheville View logo, images of the 5 hosts, and a description of the show. Show description: The Asheville View” is a daytime-style talk web series hosted by Aisha Adams, Kirby Winner, Myriam Weber, Tina White, and Kahlani Jackson. The show serves as a morning cup of coffee for equity advocates across the South.

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