This outfit is giving Cosplay Shego from Kim Possible vibes, and I am loving it!!!! 

Who is Shego?

Shego was a villainess who operated as a mercenary, working for Dr. Drakken on the Disney animated show Kim Possible. Do you remember her? She would steal things and would often fight with Kim herself. 

You know I love a good cosplay, and this lime and black set from the B|Fit FLEX collection is slaying Shego for me. What do you think? Did I nail her or nah? 

Shego was smart, fearless, sarcastic, tough, and a bit condescending. She always looked fit and amazing in her costume. I hope I did her justice. Kim Possible was a high school cheerleader who, in her spare time, saved the world from evil supervillains with her best friend Ron. 

Shego was a secondary character on the show, but this suit is giving main character’s energy.

How to Achieve Shego’s look?

If you had told me at 42 that I would be modeling athletic wear on my blog, I would not have believed you. Yet, here we are…and I am so excited to partner with BFitamazing as a brand ambassador. 

This suit is sleek and breathable. The leggings are high-waisted and body contouring. I really adore the matching long sleeve zip up crop top. Plus, the price is reasonable with my 25% off discount link here. The things I love most about this outfit is how uniquely it is designed and how modest it is. It was easy to model this suit, and my husband really liked it. 

This functional but stylish athletic leisure suit is great for running outside on cool mornings or getting errands done. I paired the outfit with my favorite pair of black QC’s. I am pictured in a size large pants and top, but I honestly could have gone down another size in the pants for sure. While these tights stop at a size large, other styles on the site go up to 3XL and everything is cute. 

You can get this suit and other amazing items using my link.