I love a good scholarly conversation, and after watching a few YouTube videos featuring Dr. Umar Johnson and learning some of the controversy that surrounds him I wanted to meet him myself. I am excited that he wants to open a school that provides a nurturing and safe place for young men. While he may not be everybody’s cup of tea, we still need him. We don’t have enough safe places for young black men. As his naysayers shoot him down, they offer no solutions. Another interesting take is that I don’t see principals in pubic school judged for their social or religious beliefs. However, Dr. Umar is being judged harshly.

When I sat down to talk to Dr. Umar, I gained an appreciation for his passion and his mind. While I did not agree with everything he said, I believe he can create a safe environment that will turn out productive citizens. He is bold , charming, and smart.

 See Dr. Umar Johnson speak with Doriyan here.