This weekend, I had the opportunity to get my eyebrows arched at a barbershop owned by Killer Mike.  Killer Mike’s Graffiti SWAG  Barbershop located in Union City, Georgia (on the outskirts of Atlanta). The SWAG stands for Shaving, Washing, And Grooming.

It was an amazing experience; my eyebrows are on fleek, and I will be going back. Rumor has it that celebrities like SticMan (DeadPrez) and Big Tiger frequent the shop and that there is a second shop closer to downtown Atlanta having a grand opening soon.

I have always been a fan of Killer Mike’s (Michael Render’s) work. In my opinion, this project is his dopest by far. It easy to see that the goal of the barbershop is to be a positive influence in the community. I loved the gritty art adorning the walls of the shop that invoke a spirit of community conscience. Plus, it is cool to see the barbers give out free Hot Wheels toys to kids who get hair cuts.

The SWAG Barbershop has become a meeting place for the community. During my visit, there were four barbers on duty. They were all eager to tell me about all the wonderful things happening at the barbershop as it related to the community. Mr. Joe, a regular customer, said that this shop has been in the community for 30 years. Killer Mike bought it four years ago. Mr. Joe went on to tell me, “They give a lot from the heart. They do everything for the kids, and that is where their blessings come from.” The shop has hosted mentoring, free “first day of school cuts,” and a career day.

Of course, they were offering up some the freshest styles I’ve seen in a while. I watched Jaquis Raquel cut an Adidas sign on the side of a mohawk. If you want to keep up with the latest happenings, then you should be following their Instagram.

In an interview, I read Killer Mike wanted to get a barbershop earlier in his career, but he was discouraged. Probably because this shop isn’t a get rich project; it is more of a give back type of project. I don’t think a typical outsider could understand the return on Mike’s investment.

With everything that is happening today, Killer Mike’s Graffiti SWAG Barbershop is a safe place where our kids are welcomed and employable.

Overall, I am pretty conscious about supporting local small businesses. I take my buying power seriously, and I am selective with where I place my coins. I take pride in supporting businesses who have some social responsibility to the community or at least to the environment.