Have you ever heard of Jeremiah Heaton? He is the King of the Kingdom of North Sudan.

Jeremiah Heaton went to east Africa and stole 800 square miles of land between Egypt and Sudan by planting a flag his kids had designed on the back of a place mat in a restaurant. On the way back home he and his wife made their daughter a tiara and asked friends and family to only refer to her as Princess.

Because Emily wanted to be a princess, Egyptian authorities approved of his trip and the desert-dwelling Bedouin tribe, who have been roaming the region for years, weren’t equipped with the understanding they needed to defend their land. Jeremiah Heaton now rules over this chunk of Africa. I wonder if little Emily understood that was what she was asking for at seven years old.

Bir Tawil, now colonized and named Kingdom of North Sudan, is yet to be recognized by Egypt, Sudan or the rest of the international community. He has formally applied to the United Nations for observer entity status and has an embassy set up in Denmark.

Apparently, Disney thinks this is great because they are making a movie about his this. With the money from Disney and his Indiegogo fundraiser, Heaton plans to create a sustainable food production environment. He claims he is going to improve lives, which is funny because in some of the interviews he claims there is no population.

Mainstream media has a long history of creating movies that perpetuate “White Savior” archetypes, just like colonialism has a long history on the continent of Africa. John Heaton disgusts me. Something tells me there’s more to the story of him coming into power than his daughter’s wish. His ideas seem non-threatening on the surface, but this man has raised over $10,000 and partnered with Disney to rule over people who have little or no voice.

He is setting up a monarchy, meaning his family will be the sole and absolute rulers over this land. The Kingdom of Sudan is now accepting applications for citizenship from everyone except regular citizens of Sudan and Egypt. To become a citizen from Sudan or Egypt, you must be a doctor or an agriculturalist. I wonder how that is going for the original inhabitants of the land.