When I told Raf I wanted to get the Peloton Rower for Christmas, it was honestly just wishful thinking. I wasn’t even sure it would fit in the Raku Room (my home gym). Since I worked hard to pay both the Tread and Bike off early, and I had already completed about 18,000 active minutes on Peloton for the year, I pitched the rower would keep me inspired and engaged. He bought it and the rest is history. 

All About my Peloton Rower 

I named my rower Elder Mother Supreme, my favorite character from Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless”. I’ve had it for about a month and a half. I absolutely love it. I’ve rowed over 80,000 meters last month. 

What is a Rower? 

An indoor rowing machine is used to simulate the act of rowing to either exercise or train. I had never seen a rower in life, let alone worked out on one, but it felt right. 

What do I Love About my Peloton Rower? 

Aside from all of the wonderful benefits of being a member of Peloton (the app, the community), it’s the results.

When I got to my 51st row I could feel changes in my back. The rower is sleek and beautiful, but the best parts are the form assist, and the instructors. 

What is the Form Assist on Peloton? 

On the left hand side of the screen there is a calibrated form assistant that lights red if you are off. I am usually coming in at 96-99%. I am still striving for my first perfect row. This feature is what has made rowing so accessible. 

My Favorite Peloton Row Instructor!

I am so excited Ash Pryor has joined Peloton as a row instructor.  Ash is a champion rower, entrepreneur, and all around bad ass. She has a bold personality and I love rowing with her. I am excited to be in ranks with the thousands of other black women she has inspired to take up rowing. 

The Peloton Rower is for Every-body.

I like any workout where you sit down, but I have fallen in love with rowing as a low impact, total body workout. This means rowing will help strengthen your major muscle groups in your arms, legs, and core and increase cardiovascular endurance at the same time. 

My Rowing Gear and Workout

As always, I usually row in my medical compression tights and a standard Peloton bra. For shoes I like to use On Clouds. They’re versatile, comfortable, stylish, and really flexible. 

I usually row 5-7 times a week for an average of 30-45 mins a day. I like to participate in Peloton Black Rowers swarms, celebrate member’s milestone rows, and I have even done a few live rows. 

Peloton is so much more than expensive equipment and cool clothes. You don’t need either to become a member. If you are interested in a free trial, hit me up.

Good luck on your wellness journey!

Watch Me Row