This case is special to me because it actually involves a friend of mine. Mercutio Southall is a highly recognized activist. He supported the Black Lives Matter Birmingham movement, but you might remember him as the activist that was roughed up at the 2015 presidential rally held in the city.

When Mercutio was arrested, he received a lot of support on social media. Today, we’re going to hear his side of the story and we’ll decide together if justice was served or nah.

Audience members are invited to vote their conscience… The goal of this true-crime show is to open up a broader conversation about justice. Regardless of innocence or guilt, was this case handled correctly? Yes or no? Was justice upheld?

Mercutio Southall Case

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Justice or Nah!

Justice or Nah is a true crime podcast. I’ve followed some of the most famous cases through my favorite true crime podcasts, documentaries, shows, books etc… but these crimes, while heinous, aren’t the crimes that intrigue me the most. These actually aren’t the cases that keep me up at night. You see, it is the smaller cases, the ones people barely even know about, that I get caught up in. I can’t let go of the cases where car accidents become negligent homicides, or family disagreements lead to grandmothers going to prison.

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