On Instagram, people were calling Michael Berry – Satan and the Devil, and so I was intrigued. I wanted to know more about him. How did he get into the life? What led him to do the things he was accused of? So I reached out.

The first email he was short with me. He let me know that he hadn’t seen the movie and he had no knowledge of it being made. He explained, “There are always many variations to a story, whatever she [ Felicia] wants to gain from her version I hope it works out for her. Hopefully one day I will have time to write a book.  l will keep it real and include all the girls.”

When I asked Michael if he still loved Falicia he said, “ [ He] will always have love for Falicia. Hope she will be free soon.”

I felt like Michael Berry was holding something back from me.  Somewhere I found the courage, to email him again.  I told him people saw him as a villain, but I wanted to know a little more about his story.

That is when Michael Berry opened up to me.

He said of the past, “I have ten children’s mothers, and 14 children, and four grandchildren. I hope the best for Falicia, and I appreciate Ms. Ervin sticking to the street code.”

This statement was exactly the information kind of information I was looking for.

He surprised me when he let me know, “ Our past is made to build character and turn us into the people God created us to be. A LOT of people in here and out there know me as a vicious person so when they see the change and what I’m trying to accomplish they listen. I’m still learning to be Patient and Humble, as well as not violent in certain situations, but life is a learning process, and I still have some beautiful people by my side.

GOD has a purpose for me, just have to be patient and see what it is. PROVERBS 19:21 and 14:12. Right now I have a few people reading Purpose Driven by Rick Warren as well as Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer with me, and they have both been a great help.”

I had asked if he wanted me to send him a picture of the cover of “When Love Kills.” I mean I thought he is intrigued by who they had him cast as, but he said: “If you would like to send me anything send me pics of good food and desserts, that’s what a nigga miss the most…”

Reflections From My Conversations Falicia Blakely, Michael Berry, and Ameshia Ervin

Although Michael Berry hasn’t been charged with the crimes that implicate him in the movie, he is doing time for other crimes. He will be released before Ameshia, and I hope he will also get that reality tv show he wants. I would love to see him turn things around.

Behind the movie When Love Kills, three real people are still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives from mistakes they made many years ago.  Michael Barry helped me see how many lives were truly affected by the choices these three individuals made. I could feel their remorse and hope in our correspondence. They have all found God and some form comfort on their path. I hope their victim’s families will find the same.


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