Welcome to Nappy Thoughts: Get up, Get out, Get Engaged  (Civic Engagement)



I am your host Aisha Adams, and with everything going on at a national level, I want to remind you not to lose sight of the changes we can and need to make on a local and state level. The changes we fight for through civic engagement impacts our daily lives the most!

It is frustrating that we can’t make the folk on Capitol Hill do the most honorable and just right things, but we must realize we still have the power of civic engagement. Through civic engagement, we can create the experience we want; not just for women and girls, but for all people here at home.

Civic engagement is how we work with our community leaders, non-profit organizations, businesses, and neighbors to make a positive difference in our communities. For example, we can raise awareness of the wage gaps and then honor and reward organizations and companies that offer equal pay for equal work.

We can push for police, doctors, nurses, lawyers and judges to get additional training so they are ready and equipped to help, communicate, and try cases that involve rape and sexual assault victims. 

I also think we should require our youth be given a course on consent, in both middle and high schools. 

If we are actively engaged in our community organization boards and committees, we can push for change.  

Lastly, more of us should become engaged  voters so we can get the people who don’t have our best interests at heart out of office. 

Aside from showing up for general elections, show up for the primaries; use your vote to hold the people in office accountable for how they voted. After all, they work for us!

Until next time-get up, get out, and engage with your community. To continue this discussion, meet me at www.NappyThoughts.com