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Dear Netflix, We Have A Problem With The Winx Club #TAKEITDOWN

Dear Netflix, We Have A Problem With The Winx Club #TAKEITDOWN

NetFlix and chill is the shit, unless you’re a young brown girl with an Afro catching up on Winx Club.

Follow me on this…

Let’s say it is summer, and your mother has said, “Go somewhere and sit down.”

You get your healthy snack, your apple juice, and your pretty little black girl doll, Mia. You already took those whack ass pony tails out of her hair in an effort to make it her look more like you, but her hair is not kinky enough. Plus, the stupid part down the middle is permanent. So her hair will never be quite right. You love her just the same tho.

Y’all chilling and what not, binge watching Stella and the crew on NetFlix. Stella has decided the Miss Magix title is more important than her midterms. If it is no big deal to her, it is no big deal to you. You are only 5 or 6 and you don’t even know what a midterm is. Stella is great,  and the crown means so much to her; besides, she is already a fairy princess.

Flora and Musa are talking Stella up. “Your hair will be like gold and silk,” one says.

“She is going to win; I can feel it,” you say to Mia. She loves the Winx Club just as much as you.

The look on your face when you discover the shriek of horror coming from the outside of Stella’s dressing room is coming from a brown girl.  She is so pretty, and her hair is reminiscent of Blue Ivy’s baby hair with afros. You start having second thoughts about Stella’s chance of winning. That is until you discover why she is crying.

You can see this for yourself on the Netflix platform in Season 1 Episode 12 at 11:02 minutes.


Can you imagine your face when you realize the catastrophe is her hair? Her hair that looks like your hair, your mama’s hair and your big sister’s hair? Your hair has never been straight, and it is always poof-ed up just like this, and everybody says they love your hair. Yet, all the girls at Alfea School of Fairies are laughing at your hairstyle. Could you imagine being 4 or 5 and shrinking inside?

In this episode, this character does not compete in the pageant. This is her only appearance during the entire episode. The overt racism is killing my Netflix vibe. Did it just kill your vibe?

The Winx Club is the first Italian animated series ever sold in the Untied States. It was created by Iginio Straffi. There are three versions of the series: the Nickelodeon version, the Cinélume version, and the 4kids version. Whichever one Netflix is streaming is a problem. I’d like to see them take it off the platform, and to be more careful when acquiring animated series.

I personally wasn’t aware of this show when it first aired. However, we can’t let it live on Netflix; our children’s self esteem is at stake!

There are lot of other posts about this episode, but no one has asked Netflix to remove this cartoon until now.

This is a formal petition. Please leave a comment below telling Netflix why they need to #TakeItDown


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  1. Felecia Monique

    Ooooh I can’t believe Netflix is involved with a production like this. I agree!

  2. Natasha

    I thought that Netflix had handled this already! I know that it was brought up in a natural hair group that I’m in a while back (or maybe my old brain is failing me and it was actually this year, ) but this is trash. I hate that we are STILL having to let people know that we don’t approve of the microaggressions any longer!

  3. Mimi Green

    This is a hot mess, this is why I teach my daughter to love her skin and her natural hair. I can’t rely on the TV to build her up. It would nice if they did but that is my job. Some people have piss poor judgment.

  4. ejnosillA/RedefiningHERstory

    Wow… Netflix plays too much! I am proud that my children all have chosen to keep their hair natural. It kills me that no matter what we do as Black people the power that be always find a way to try to make us feel ashamed about our heritage until one of those Kardashian chicks stills it and it becomes the thing to do!

  5. Joanna

    oh no! They could’ve definitely used that moment to encourage her instead of bashing her like that. No bueno Netflix

  6. bernetta

    This is crazy! That’s why we have to make sure we know what our children are watching and reinforce how beautiful our children are no matter what the media says

  7. Tiffany Haywood

    Wow! My youngest daughter watches winx club all the time. I had no idea this was even in there. I need to take a second look at this series.

  8. Holly

    I heard about this. Never seen it and definitely won’t support it. Hopefully they get this handled.

  9. TIffany

    This is crazy! I cringed just reading this. It’s so important to teach our daughters to love everything about themselves. Representation matters but not at the expense of our girls’ self esteem. I really hope this episode is removed.


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