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Welcome to Nappy Thoughts!  I am your host Aisha Adams, and today I will be discussing the hot mess known as R&B singer and songwriter R. Kelly.   Kelly’s career has been under attack amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

On Monday R. Kelly released a surprise — a 19-minute confessional titled “I Admit” — that addresses years of unflattering headlines and a few other interesting tidbits about his private life.

It is almost impossible to unpack his entire career and all the controversy that surrounds R. Kelly neatly.

While many of you have said to me, I don’t want to give this to him or this or him any attention…   I say this is a meaningful conversation.

According to, ”The prevalence of child sexual abuse is difficult to determine because it is often not reported. ” I believe our silence is a big part of the issue.

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What are your thoughts on these allegations?



Did you know that R. Kelly’s wife wrote a remix to “I Admit” on her Instagram?