When I discovered this, I began to wonder how Ameshia felt about the movie, and if she thought Mike should be charged? In a Creative Loafing Article, I read Ameshia, nor her attorney ever claimed Michael Berry had any thing to do with the crimes.

Ameshia Ervin took a plea deal before the trial ended, and I also wondered how this had changed her and Falicia’s relationship.

So I reached out directly to Ameshia Ervin, but it took her a while to get back to me.


Ameshia Ervin

Here is what Ameshia Ervin had to say

She shared with me that she had been swamped, “I was up to my ears in school work. I am a student at Life University. I’m obtaining a degree in Positive Human Development and Social Change.”

AA: I know you have been through a lot, but are you and Falicia still close? How did you feel about her telling the story? Did she talk to you about it first?

AE: When I was arrested, I’d only known Falicia for a little over a month. Being incarcerated, our lives are on two different paths so for that reason we are not as close. However, we share the same pain, the same hurt from the world judging us. In that aspect, there is a shared feeling of connectedness and closeness.

AA: How did it see your life on the screen? Do you feel you were portrayed fairly?

AE: I haven’t seen the movie so, I don’t know if I was portrayed fairly. Falicia mentioned the movie to me while the film was in progress. I believe in the power of storytelling. Telling of a story, can be very liberating to the self and others so, I can understand her motives for doing the movie.

AA: I realized your lawyer did not mention that Mike was involved in the case at all. What was your relationship like with Mike? Did he have anything to do with the case? Do you feel he should have been charged?

Yes, I think that Mike should have been charged.

AA: From the movie and my conversation with Falica, she seemed to be in an abusive relationship. Did you ever witness this? Did you ever try to help her leave Mike?

I was not aware of the abuse Falicia endured. The abuse occurred when I wasn’t around. I learned about the abuse through her interview in the “Creative Loafing.”

Ameshia Ervin seems to be leaving her past behind her, and I hope it all works out in her favor.  I couldn’t help but wonder if she was one of Michael’s girls.  While she confirms  Michael’s involvement, she says she had no knowledge of the abuse.

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