I am super excited to have Rhyan Hill on King Speak!

You all know King Speak is designed to amplify the authentic voice of our culture through discussion. At 14, as an actor and dancer Rhyan has worked with one of the most relevant influencers of our time.

When Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) dropped “This is America”, the internet went crazy! We watched as Donald Glover shucked and jived his way through an honest  visual depiction of the nightmare that is America. It was raw black brilliance. Think pieces and debates ensued.

Perhaps the most intriguing facets of the video were the children smiling and dancing through the church violence, racism, and pain. One of the young people getting his groove on in the video and on the Saturday Night Live performance was Rhyan Hill.

I spoke with him over the summer about working with Childish Gambino, his school life balance, and his future aspirations.

Check out conversation here:

Rhyan Hill has a bright future ahead of him.

I love watching his journey, and you will too. 

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Watch Rhyan Hill in This Is America.

Rhyan Hill wanted to be sure to shout out the agencies that are representing him:

Dance Agency:  MSA:McDonald/Selznick Associates


Acting Agency:  Pantheon Talent & Luber Roklin