I had a chance to hang out with Leronica & Duane at WRES on the “No Limits” radio show last week. We had a good time discussing the humble beginnings of Nappy Thoughts. Every time I’ve had a chance to hang out with Duane on WRES before, and I have always had a good time. It’s like sitting around the table with family. Doriyan has been on the show a few times, and even he loves it.  

To be honest, I love being on the radio… period. One of my big juicy dreams is to eventually have my own Sirius XM show with a mix of hip-hop, neo-soul and talk.  

I got such a kick out of discussing my blog. I just believe everyone should have a personal blog. Maybe it is the English teacher in me, but I think it is a great way to share personal experiences and style with our larger community. I personally use my blog to share all the cool things I am learning, to serve as a resource to my community, and to ponder deeper life questions and observations about myself, marriage, family, health, wealth, etc…

We had such a good time that they asked me to come back this week to discuss Equity Over Everything. Equity Over Everything’s mission is to advance equity by closing the gaps and advancing social equity, entrepreneurship, and homeownership.

The Hosts of the “No Limits” Radio Show

Duane Adams is the Associate Director at AB Tech’s Small Business Center, where his main focus is assisting clients with conceptualizing their business visions and making sure that they are able to validate their ideas prior to developing comprehensive, bankable business models.

Leronica Casey is the Coordinator of Scholarships and Donor Relations at A-B Tech, where she oversees and coordinates the scholarship award process. They call her the “Oprah of Scholarships”. Her work also includes cultivating relationships with donors who support A-B Tech’s philanthropic vision and efforts.

The History of the “No Limits” Radio Show

AB Tech’s “No Limits” radio show airs on Wednesdays at 11 am every other week with regular replays. It plays on WRES where the mission is “to empower our listeners with skills and knowledge that will improve the overall quality of health and life of people of color and those of low wealth in our community.”

WRES was started by John Hayes, Sophie Dixon, and members of the Empowerment Resource Center.