What is The Asheville View? 

In case you haven’t heard of it, The Asheville View is an opposite editorial web series that is designed to raise diverse perspectives and honor the essence of Asheville. You can find the show on any platform or visit the official website

There have been a lot of highs and a few lows this season. To keep it real, I am glad this season is over, and I am looking forward to improving upon what we’ve built and trying my hand at implementing all of these season 2 ideas. 

What I Learned About Myself Producing The Asheville View? 

I Am Intense!

This whole project is intense, and I love it. I‘ve learned to accept that I am intense, and this project has taught me intensity, when channeled properly, can be a good thing. To pull The Asheville View off there are lights, cameras, craft services, make-up, wardrobe, social media… and all that is after I write the show. Then there are the people— the hosts, the crew, the live audience and the guests. Plus there are invoices and paychecks, and did I mention this isn’t even my day job? Honestly, it is hard, and it is fair. I am proud of the cast and crew because it is all turning out quite nicely. 

My Titles Matter 

I am the writer, producer, and owner of the show. Rafrica is the technical director and editor. First, I downplayed these titles. Then I tried to denounce and reject them. When that didn’t work, I tried to share my titles with my husband. He wasn’t having it. “This is all you, babl

My team has convinced me to step into these roles proudly. We are building this, but these long days and nights are the result of me being a dreamer and a doer. These are my resources. I literally pay the costs associated with being the boss. This is my vision, and I work hard. I deserve the titles and all the accolades that come with it. This is my show. It is okay to own it.

I Am Good At This

The show isn’t perfect; there are a lot of changes that need to be made, and even though Season 1 was experimental, we had an amazing season!  

We were lucky enough to land interviews with police brutality victim Johnnie Rush, the current Mayor of Asheville Ester Mannheimer, and Asheville City Council hopeful Nicole Townsend. In its first season, our new web series was noticed by The Mountain Xpress, AVL Today, Blue Ridge Public Radio, and TEDxAsheville. 

What I Learned About My Marriage Producing The Asheville View?

The Asheville View has stretched us both professionally and personally. Professionally, we are both learning new skills and getting better at old ones. Personally, The Asheville View can be a time suck, and so our love has been stretched in a lot of ways too. It’s all good though, and I hope that sharing what I’ve learned can help another couple who may work together. 

We didn’t talk enough. 

To be honest, I don’t think Rafrica nor I was ready for this. Initially, I don’t think we understood the magnitude of my ideas, the passion, dedication, or the money it would take to grow this. I don’t think we planned enough or talked enough about it. We didn’t know how to protect our free time or our marriage. We talk a lot, but this required a different kind of talking and listening. I’ve had to revamp the show and some processes in order to ensure Rafrica gets the downtime he needs to do his best work. 

He loves me, and not the show. 

I wanted this to be a passion project for Raf and I. For me, The Asheville View is a way of making love. It is companionship, nation building, an intellectual and physical exchange… but Raf is literal so it will only ever be work to him. It can be sort of a buzzkill when I am high on diversified media and he just wants to watch tv. Over this season, I’ve come to appreciate him forcing me to unplug from The Asheville View and plug into me, him, & home.

I married well. 

Although Rafrica isn’t as passionate about the show as I am, I am extremely lucky to share my life with someone who loves me enough to lend his skills to my visions and passions while simultaneously working a full time job. It is a heavy lift working 3-12 and having a major role in a daytime web series. Rafrica never speaks of needing to quit his job, or the show. He works diligently to ensure he does both well. He has done a phenomenal job editing the show, and I am super grateful to have him on my work and home team. 

This season has helped me grow in a lot of ways. I love working on The Asheville View, especially with my lover. My team and I have such a good time, and I believe in our work. We hope we are inspiring and informing people as they become more engaged in Asheville and its diverse perspectives.