I am almost never motivated at the start of my workout. Sometimes I can use candles, lights, and music to set the mood. Other times I stroll through my Facebook favorite Peloton Communities, like Black Peloton Riders or The Tread Tribe, to be reminded of what real discipline looks like. In BGM-Peloton Edition, I have seen many black women commit to this journey with 50, 60, and 100-week streaks! These things definitely help, but ultimately showing up for me is all about discipline.

I set my goals at the beginning of the quarter and I work like hell to make them happen. It’s not about weight loss or muscle gain for me anymore. It’s about wellness! At 42, it is really a big deal to me that most days I ride my bike and walk up to 10 miles a day.

Dropping 50 pounds, leaving behind bad habits, and lifting heavier weight is a bonus. Over the last 9 months, I found joy. Real joy in just moving.

Aisha Before/After

When I started this journey, I was recovering from a hysterectomy and 3 lower leg blood clots, or DVT. I didn’t have a Peloton; I had a treadmill. My husband Raf found it and haggled down the price from a local pawn shop some years ago. Saying it was old and loud is an understatement.

My recovery was long and hard.

When I started, I could only do 8 minutes at a time, going real slow, with a fan turned on me. I would huff and puff and sweat profusely. I would chug my water and take a little break, and go again until I reached 32 minutes. Eventually I realized the treadmill is much tougher on the body than walking outside, so I started to walk outside more. When I got my Peloton, I was stoked to learn they have outside walks. The coaches always tell you when you reach the ½ way point, so you turn around and make it back to your starting line if you need to. Outdoor workouts definitely come in handy when you are traveling. You never know what the situation will be.

Peloton Bike

The Peloton App is really the heart of Peloton and you don’t need any equipment to enjoy it. You can walk, run or do just about anything. One reason I love sharing the app is because 92% of people who use Peloton reach their goals.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor workouts that have been helping me reach my goals.

Power Walk – 20 minutes

Chase is no longer with Peloton, but I am definitely #Wolfpack for life. He was my first favorite Peloton Coach. I love that his content is still available on the app. I still workout with him regularly. His outdoor R&B walk is such a groove. It is slow and steady. It is great for new walkers, but makes an amazing active recovery as well.

BHM Power Walk – 30 minutes

Kristen Furgeson is hands down my favorite Peloton Walking Coach. Not only are her playlists fire, but she can carry you on a walk. She makes the time go fast with her quick wit and stories. I can always count on her to get me bodied.

During her Black History Month Celebration, Kirsten got vulnerable with us about her blackness and her childhood. She also recognizes GirlTrek. GirlTrek is a movement of Black women using walking and self-care as a pathway to heal and transform our lives. This walk gives me all the feels!

30 Minute Beyoncé Walk

Rebecca Kennedy’s Beyoncé walk is everything! Her sexy pace is good. The playlist is superb. It’s a whole party! Rebecca reminds us that even Beyoncé had to learn how to trust herself. She fills us with the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt, and makes us sweat, sweat. It is such a joy.

30 min Walk + Run

I don’t know why Peloton counts walk + runs as walks, but they do. Jess Sims taught me how to run and I will love her forever for that. The playlist is official… especially that EDM Shai remix. So so good! This workout is perfect for building both speed and running endurance with progressive walk+jog+run sets.

Dupont State Recreational Park (video source: Aisha Adams Media)

Just Walk Outside

Sometimes I do outdoor workouts at home on my street and other times I workout in nature. My favorite spot is Dupont State Recreational Park.

My big juicy goal is to workout 20,000 minutes this year! The coaches are awesome but everybody deserves a break. Sometimes I just want to listen to new music or catch up on my podcasts or just walk in silence. I can do that and get minutes, track my distance, my speed, and heart rate.

Having a home gym is a privilege and a dream. Finding the space, making it my own, and purchasing the equipment was no tiny feat. It has definitely been a process. With my busy schedule, even with a home gym it can still be hard to get a workout. When I get machine fatigue or if I’m just looking to switch it up, outdoor workouts on Peloton for the win.